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Content Takedown Request

Czech VR Network takes all content removal requests seriously and our dedicated support team works around the clock to quickly process and remove content that violates our Terms and Service. Please complete the form below should you be the victim of, or come across content that you have personal knowledge of as constituting:

•   Non-consensual production and/or distribution of your image
•   Content that reveals personally identifiable information
•   Otherwise abusive and/or illegal content

All reported complaints shall be reviewed and resolved within seven business days from the time of the complaint.

Briefly describe the issue with this content. If you are submitting a request on the behalf of someone else appearing in the content, please provide your association to this person.

Please digitally sign this form by entering your full legal name in the following box. By signing this form you affirm that the information submitted is accurate to the best of your knowledge and belief.

Please be aware that if we are unable to contact you it may significantly hamper our ability to quickly investigate and remove abusive or illegal content. We will only use the details you supply to contact you about this content removal request. Please be aware that abuse of this content removal request process hinders our team's ability to process valid and actionable removal requests.